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词曲作者:Lyrics:By Jerald Music:By Swing Arranger:By Swing

(rap1):alright frankie lee don't tell me it's another
Side-track where it'll be put behind all those tracks
At the back how the hell do u expect us to relax? when

You're always on the attack
But then again I
Don't blame you
You've got issues people trying to diss you
Left and right day and night
Record labels in
A dogfight puls no one ever gives a crap about
Copyright they'd rather wrap themseleves in all the
Hype you know the type
Right frankie lee you gotta
Stick with frankie lee you know you're gonna be in
Good hands you're gonna be with the big time you know
He's got good taste he's got this smirk right on his
Face da di da da da da

(rap2):yes that was grace and yes that was great!
And yes she wasn't late and yes that was 1 take!
So you
Wonder why my partner has embraced well I guess it's
Fate and it's worth the wait making them famous while
They're getting along writing new tunes as she sings
His songs that's just some of the things they gotta
Deal with here in hong kong watching ding-dong
Wrong they gotta let nic sing this song
(rap3):you know who that was?no!
That was nic
The guy who bleeds coca-cola and drinks pokka he
Lights up the stage when he sings viva he's even got
His fa
Vourite guitar by his side and he ever plays
It on the set of time & tide he's got nothing to hide

He' got nothing to deny so let's get on with the next man
Who is nic's best friend the master and the expert
When you ask him to pretend

(rap4):here we had eason
All without reason 'tis the
Season to be jolly
"oh my golly!
"he isn't with
I'm sorry!
"fa la la la la la
La la la why
Does everthing I say never come out right?except for
When I'm kissing ass and acting nice 'cus frankie lee
Said so and he's always right he sees the light' he
Puts up a fight he's a man whom you'd call
Frankie lee you gotta stick with frankie lee
You know you're gonna be in good hands you're gonna be
With the big time you know he's got good taste he's
Got this smirk right on this face da di da da da da



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