IPIS蟑螂 - Come Into My Dreams 歌詞


You're my precious I do believe
That we've got something special to achieve
'Coz every time and moment we're together
It's so emotional and this time I know
That we're getting closer in every way
I've never felt so special as today
It feel like heaven and I can't hold back no no
Now is the time to reach higher and higher

Come into my dreams
I'll show you what this means
That I'll be there for you whenever you need
Come into my life and stay there dayAnd night
'Coz I will never ever let you down

You got my heart I'm getting yours lady
Together we can gently open those doors
And if the clarity that true love brings
We're reaching higher and higher

Precious darling, hear my words
Our love is vested from above
I'll never ever leave you girl
I'll always be there by your side forever




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- IPIS蟑螂 - Come Into My Dreams 歌詞


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